So I have a toddler. And I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend sits around plays Xbox. .. watches netflix and YouTube videos... I am 22 yrs old and he is going to be 27 this month. He recently lost his job... so you would think me being so busy with our daughter. And being so pregnant that he would help around the house. It gets so overwhelming. Because my daughter is so attached to me... but at the end of the day he doesn't make much effort with her.. from the beginning she didn't "like" him because he didn't pay attention to her queues and stuff. (Like when she doesn't want to play he still tries to play.. or Kiss her and hug her and squeeze her..she Will literally cry and scream trying to get away... *when she wants to cuddle she will but when she doesn't want to she will let you know lol*) anyway I'm due for a csection this week..and I have a lot of stuff to get done. But now my toddler is sick. .. and I don't want to take her outside in this cold weather (it snowed again where we live)... and he's been out of town to his brothers since Friday. My daughter was so sick I had to take her to the ER this weekend. If it wasn't for my sister I don't know how I would have managed. Today (tuesday) is really my last day to get stuff done... and he's STILL not home. I guess I just needed to vent cause there's so much things to be done . And he doesn't do much of anything to help... I'm pretty sire I'm going to be left taking care of BOTH of my girls "on my own" .... so I mean I've thought about just leaving him because honestly. .. the impression I get is that he doesn't care. And I need support. And I'm not getting it from him... I just don't know what to do anymore.