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Samantha • BFP after 42 months of TTC!
So I've posted about this before but it is still going on.. At 7 weeks I woke up bleeding rushed to ER and they found a sub chronic hematoma. My OB didn't seem concerned and just put me on light pelvic rest. I'm now 11 weeks and the bleeding is back and much worse. Rushed to the ER again and they couldn't see where the bleed was coming from but my baby is okay. Followed up with my OB and he said there's a chance I could lose the baby from all the blood loss and for me to come back Monday for ultrasound.. This is going to be the longest week of my life. I'm on very strict bed rest.. Just curious, is there anyone else who experienced this? I've been bleeding since Sunday morning off and on with cramps. I'm getting worried.