Sidney • Im a pretty laid back person, i do stress like 24/7 though but i love making nee friends even if i can be really shy and awkward. I love drawing and reading along with animals, and i am a huge foodie!

So i had this girlfriend i broke up with s little over i believe two and a half weeks ago and we were together for three weeks. I broke up with her because we rushed into things way to fast and i realized that we had nothing in common and i mean NOTHING. Like we don't like the same books, she hates my favorite TV show i hate hers, she doesn't like the food i like, she doesn't like the movies or videogames i like, she hates anime which i love along with the fact i want to get tattoos and a few piercings inthe future nothing that would be freaky just some cool pretty tatts and piercings well she finds them completely unattractive and she made it very clear. Along with she thinks almost all my friends are annoying like my one guy best friend. And she has made some comment to me about myself that made me feel stupid and inferior which my my two bffs hate her. She also at one point said she basically didn't like my personality because I'm too "immature" and "weird", so let me explain. I have ADHD, I've always been hyper, weird and goofy its just my personality i like making people laugh, and i was starting to get more comfortable with her so i acted more like myself a little bit instead of trying to remain in control. She told one of my bffs she didn't like how i acted. Which made me upset because she's already basically called me stupid before and then she said she pretty much didn't like my personality. And then there was the fact that even though she said she would go slow with me she always brought up sex every time we talked basically. I felt like she was pushing it on my and it made me really uncomfortable. I talked to her about it before and she said she would stop but she didn't. So i finally broke it off with her and she flipped becoming depressed and saying how i broke her heart even though if i stayed with some i lost feelings fir it would hurt her even worse. But she kept telling me how much she was in love with me..after only three weeks, and that when ever i date someone else she's gonna be jealous for years and that kinda creeps me out like i talked to our one friend and she even said that she's overreacting. Everyone of my friends plus my older sister are all happy I'm not with her anymore because honestly i felt trapped and belittled.

Sorry i just really needed to vent if you want you can post below about your own break up experiences with guys or girls