Please someone! I'm having so much trouble with PCOS

So I'm back again, Im really struggling ladies </3 I'm 23 have cervical cancer removed and not suffering a with a bad case of pcos and just feel I can't can't a break... It's going on 2 years that me and my partner have been ttc and I'm starting to break down, I know ppl say not to think about it but it's so hard when it's all u want! I'm not looking for sympathy just some help/advice just anything this for a little more hope at the moment because I'm still finding it so hard to understand it and it's driving me crazy! Weight has a lot to do with pcos but I'm not over weight, I'm 65kgs and 175cm tall, I'm eating healthy but I just dnt know Wat else I can do!? Any help from anyone, any advice or options u think I could try would mean the world!!