How naive am I really being??

Like all stories start, so I met this guy lol. Anyway I feel like I've found a soul mate in him and he acts and says the same. I'm 21 he's almost 23 so we've been around the block and are not new to love and heartbreak. However, the beginning to our love affair had terrible timing. We met at a work place and at the time were both taken. His partner was shunning him and we'll mine was just proving to be more of an ass than I thought he would ever be. We're gamers so one night it was just us no other coworkers playing at someone else's residence. He was already drinking and I was only tipsy. He wanted to kiss me and I let him. It was pure heaven. Everything since then is still as gentle and meaningful. But now we're both single but it's like we're I'm a relationship. . So we see each other everyday(I no longer work with him there) we sleep together in either of of house and beds. His family like me my family likes him. E makes me feel like a queen amd i treat him as my king. Were best friends. We dont hide things like even when our ex's call or something. We share common likes in other ppl as well (do t judge). We help eachother with everything from carpooli g finacial advise and all that shit... It's all so perfect except that WE ARE NOT A COUPLE.. it's so stupid to me because when I bring it to his attention he explains he's not ready for another relationship and he's really confuse ld with everything he's doing in life now. But my thing is then why are you letting me have all of you that should only be giving in a relationship? I don't try to rush him because I kinda understand but at the same time I feel played no matter how much he reassures me that he doesn't want anyone else and that he doesn't want me to stop loving him. All I want is to be his priority but I can't even express myself without feeling like I'm going to push him away. I mean he always listens and responds but I just get weary.. he doesn't push or pull he's just ask for patience and understanding but he acknowledges that I don't have to wait for him and if I want to stop I can and he'll still be there for me for whatever. I feel like I either put my cards out face up or face down. And I'm hesitant to do so because I don't want to lose this good thing. He makes me so happy. Like its seriously all good until I remember he's not mine yet. I'm so lost:( help.. also this all started around November