6DPO very wet, not normal for me!

Hey all! I'm am 35 TTC #1. I am very hopeful and as much as I'm trying not to overthink everything, I am lol. I had some very mild cramping last night and about 5 min of my boobs hurting. Today I'm getting more cramping on and off, breasts more tender and I am WET. I never really feel or see cm unless I check cervix or see it on my underwear. I came home and decided to check my cervix and before I even put my finger in I can feel wet. My underwear felt damp and had a few white spots. When I checked cervix it was really wet with a little milky color under my nail. Do you think this is a good sign? I know it's early but this much CM is NOT normal for me! Thanks in advance baby dust to all!!