I wish my husband was the pregnant one

-No lifting heavy things 
-No eating certain foods
-No drinking certain drinks
-No sleeping in certain positions
-No vigorous activity
-Get plenty of rest
-Do light exercises
-Change your daily habits
-Give up your daily habits
-Keep calm and grow your baby
As pregnant women, we are told these things daily by health providers, family members, and pretty much everyone who sees that you're pregnant. That is everyone except my freaking husband. 
So far in this pregnancy I've been told he's wanted a divorce about 10 times because I'm a total bitch and I complain and I'm emotional. Things he doesn't want to deal with not even realizing that it's because of hormones which are clearly out of my control. And God forbid he says something rude that causes me to tear up because he's had enough of that too. 
God forbid I ask him to let the dog out at night because I'm freaking exhausted and lugging around all this new weight and THE CHILD IN MY TUMMY makes me want to sleep during the night. Oh no, he has to wake up at 7 and sit in an office doing nothing all day which means his sleep time is more precious. But I'm just the one developing and caring for his unborn child. 
And sorry I asked you to take the dirty dishes on your night stand downstairs because the smell of his leftover teriyaki chicken is making me nauseous. I didn't know asking you that simple favor was such a bitch thing for me to do. 
I also apologize that me asking to use the extra pillow for my stomach (that we bought specifically for my stomach) was out of the question too. Although I'm confused at why we bought it then?... 
Not to mention I can't even explain how apologetic I am about asking him to bring up and take down the laundry because it's too heavy for me. 
I wish he was pregnant and I'm also glad I'm the pregnant one. I wish he was just so he solely knew what it meant to be pregnant. That me asking him to do a little more around the house isn't because I'm being lazy (because trust me, I like the way I get shit done a hell of a lot more than he does it) but it's because I PHYSICALLY CANT DO IT. OR DOING CAUSES PAIN WHICH HARMS THE CHILD. I just need him to see that the things I put my body through have a ginormous effect on OUR child. With that being said, I'm so grateful that I'm the one carrying her because I know my baby is getting the best care that I can possibly give her. 
Sorry for the rant. Just a stressed out pregnant women feeling alone in this pregnancy.