So, my husband and I have been trying for almost three years to conceive and it's becoming more and more heartbreaking as time goes on. Yesterday was very hard on us as we had a negative blood test at our doctor's office after a faint positive at home. (After the negative blood test I went home and took two FRER and they were negative as well). We are trying to accept that what we saw on the pregnancy test just wasn't real. I'm still pretty emotionally tender today and trying to be at work with a smile on. I'm The Director of Staff Development at an assisted living facility. I am my staff's go to person for any issues at work, and have built a rapport with many of them. When I arrived at work today, a young lady that works for me was waiting outside of my office,crying. She confided in me that she is pregnant and that the father wants nothing to do with her or the baby. She is scared and feeling alone and was pleading for my advice and guidance. 
 Ladies and Gentlemen, I started bawling.....right my office....with a scared kid pouring her heart out to me. All my frustrations and anger from yesterday chose that moment to hit the surface. I am so embarrassed by my behavior and inability to control my emotions. After she left my office, I pulled myself together and am currently helping her get medical assistance and getting her in in contact with resources that will help her make a decison, but it will never change the fact that I lost my composure when she needed a cool headed voice of reason!