Pregnancy After Ectopic

Hello all! I am new to this board and I was reading all of your beautiful posts so I said hey why not, let me add too! My husband and I found out I was pregnant on 9/30/13. A few days later I started having these sharp pains to the point where I couldn't even stand and then I started spotting. We ran to the ER and that's when we found out I had an ectopic pregnancy and that my tube had ruptured and there was bleeding on my stomach. So I had emergency surgery and lost my right tube. We have been "trying" ever since(I use that term loosely because we hadn't been using any OPK's or anything like that) and I can't seem to get pregnant for ANYTHING. We both have children from previous relationships but we want one together. I recently started tracking my OD with 3 different apps and they have all said something different. I have been using My Monthly Cycles(OD's said 4/11-4/15) Kindara said 4/15-4/18, Glow says 4/10-4/16 and Fertility Friend says 4/10-4/13 lol smh.....I'm so confused! Anybody have a similar story and had success after an EP? My cycles are usually ALWAYS the same but now that I'm getting into my 30's(I'm 33) they seem to be off every now and then. I just KNEW I was pregnant in February because my period came early(which it NEVER does) and I was spotting but nope it started getting heavier and turned out to be a real period :-/ any advice out there about tracking my days successfully. Oh and OPK's all came back with the blank face indicating low surge :( thanks for any input!