Pervert father

Trying to word this the right way. So I've always considered my father a definite pervert. I don't have any memory of him touching me in any inappropriate ways or anything that direct or extreme but I have a list of memories of him being inappropriate in ways while I was growing up. So maybe I'm destined to be over sensitive to those things to begin with but let me tell you what happened and you tell me if it doesn't feel fucking disgusting to you like it does me. 
I'm nine months pregnant and married. My mother got a Doppler from work for me to use to listen to the babies heartbeat. She gave me KY jelly to use as a conductor for it and while my father end husband went out on a bike ride I was at his house and used it to listen to the baby next to the couch. When I was done I put the Doppler in my purse and left the KY. When they got back me and my hubby went to eat. My father then sends me a picture of the KY jelly and proceeds to ask me if it's mine but first says it's none of his business but next time I might want to do something with it after im "done" so my son doesn't find it. His excuse for insinuating I was masterbating and asked me about it like he'd get off on hearing me say oops or something was that my Nine year old might ask questions if he saw it. Which is bullshit my son wouldn't even read the damn bottle he'd think it's lotion or something let alone does he even have a clue what KY is. I felt like it was disgusting and intrusive for my father to send me that picture then ASK me about it. Even IF that was the case which is wasn't wouldn't you just put it in a cupboard somewhere and not say anything. It's like he gets off on hearing if it's mine and any clue if I've done something nasty with it. I felt completely disgusted after he felt it was appropriate or okay at all to do any of that. I'm sure I'm over reacting but please someone tell me they agree in SOME part with me. 
No we don't live with my parents and my son wasn't even going to be around there that day he was at school. Just was a piss poor stupid lame excuse to get away with being a pervert. 

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