Serious Question

Judgment is welcome. Because I seriously need to know am I taking this too far. 
Okay. I hate the smell of cigarettes. My husband smokes and he has gradually began smoking more. I only have two requests, please don't smoke in the house and in our car. So I caught him smoking in the car a couple of times but the last time he promised he wouldn't do it again. I know that may sound silly to everyone but I have to travel 1 1/2 hours to school almost everyday and I don't want to keep smelling it during my drive. So today I smelled smoke in the car and I just cannot let it go. Maybe it's because I believed him this time and trusted he wouldn't do it aging or is it just my hormones? He won't apologize for it and is completely ignoring me. I have to talk about it to get over it but he will not. I seriously need to know what I should do. Be super honest with me. Tell me straight up if I'm acting childish. Like I stated before judgment is welcome 😬...but some nonjudgmental advice is needed more. Thanks