Rant; Body should be sacred

First off, I want to apologize if anything I say offends you or your beliefs. I just feel that with my raging hormones and personal views, that I should make a quick post about this.
I'm a photographer, focusing mostly on female portraits specifically boudoir. I take pride in what I do and helping women embrace their beauty and feel empowered.
I had volunteered to model for another photographer who wanted to start focusing on portraits and needed a model for a maternity session. Since my field is boudoir, I had no problems wearing the split dress that she brought along for me to model in.
She posted the photos on Facebook and one of her fans commented saying that it was more than she cared to see and that she thinks a woman's pregnancy is more sacred than how its portrayed in the photo. I definitely was hurt and confused by this since I don't understand how showing my bare stomach through a split in the dress is not keeping my pregnancy sacred.
Pregnancy to me is a beautiful moment in a woman's life where her body changes to accommodate what's growing inside her. Her stomach is expanding to make room and nourish this baby that she's carrying. What's wrong with showing a little bit of skin as if I'm wearing a swimsuit?
I just feel that if she had only said that it was more than she cared to see, then that would be perfectly fine. But to add that little bit extra about keeping the pregnant body sacred was just a little too much.