No period but not pregnant?

Soooo I need some opinions. Has anyone ever pretty much skipped a period even though they weren't pregnant?
Here is the gist:
Currently my period is about 2-3 days late which is a little odd because my periods are extra predictable since I'm on birth control. I had not had any sex since January until last Friday...and then I had sex pretty much everyday for the next 5 days (long distance relation ship struggles, just visited the boyfriend). Even though my bf is in another state I've been VERY good about taking my birth control just because I stay on it for the light periods/ clear skin regardless. I always take it on time and all that. Anyway. I know that no method other than abstinence is 100% but I find it highly unlikely that my bf got me pregnant while I was on birth contol and days before my period was supposed to start (I know still possible- but not in my fertile window). Like what are the odds? He sticks it in me for the first time in months one time and BAM!! PREGNANT!! Probably not?
Okay also I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. So that's the main reason I don't think I'm pregnant lmao. period is way late and I still haven't had any of my "usual" signs that it's about to happen. 
Am I just being paranoid since I haven't had sex in a while?????