Is anyone with me???

Andrea • Enjoying life being stress free
Sorry if this in the wrong group!!!!
Ok so I don't normally post on here but I am going to now because I want to know if anyone has ever experienced this. Sorry if grammar is bad and spelling is horrible that is why I don't post on here some of you can be very mean. 
So for the past two years I have have spotty periods really irregular. They went from a 30 day cycle to a 50 to 60 day cycle even taking meds to help it come on didn't help it to come on. Husband and I even tried to conceive the first year of this and I gave up because I never knew when or if I was going to ovulate tried everything. Well in March husband and I moved to a new place and within a week of us living alone I got a light period and this month exactly on time it happens again. For the past two years I have battled depression and extreme stress because of my family. Parents telling me I do not need to have kids I will forget that they exist or that I am too fat. Just downing me about wanting a family. They still down me about ttc but I don't tell them I'm scared to tell them that I am pregnant when I do become pregnant. I have been more active and eating better and happier. I am still battling the depression but everyday it's better. I now feel like if this continues with the regular cycles I will be able to conceive soon!!! I'm kinda excited to know it might be regular!!!
My question is has anyone ever gone long periods of time with irregular periods and then suddenly they are regular?