πŸ’”πŸ’” I've gained an angel πŸ’”

Blanca β€’
I'm so full of hate πŸ˜’Β 
Im devastated , probably even depressed .Β 
Going thru contractions all night long to expel my happiness away.Β 
I try to stay strong bcuz I have an angel that I have to watch over and one that's watching over me . But I can't help but wanting to have the second angel in my arms instead of in my dreams and in my heart. It's a pain that I can't describe .Β 
I close my eyes and see a baby face looking at me smiling , big brown eyes and the perfect smile !Β 
I hear her laugh, I hear her cry, and even though you weren't w/ me for a longer period of time even tho I didn't even get to hear your heartbeat , I know I carried you long enough to love you more than my life .Β 
Things happen for a reason , I still don't understand why and I never will ,
But I'll meet you someday and I'll get to hold you, kiss you, change you, feed you, and do all the things I wished I could've done in life .Β 
And not have wait so long to be with you.Β