Trying to conceive

I'm a 22 year old female and in October I found out I was pregnant with my first child/pregnancy, me and my partner was extremely shocked but happy, I was on the pill for over 4 years so wasn't expected. Unfortunately I suffered with a miscarriage at just 4/5 weeks, this was the worse experience ever. Since that day I've been taking Folic Acid everyday cause me and partner realised we actually want to have a family we have been keeping an eye on my fertile week every month and have been trying really hard and it's just not happening. It's getting me down so much because I just want my relationship to be complete. I think about my baby which I lost everyday and can't believe I would have 2 months left if  the tragic didn't happen. Everyone I'm friends or family with is falling pregnant or due around the same time I would have been and it's just upsetting and looks like it easy for them and I'm the one suffering and finding it hard. My partner is so good and always there for me, he's always doing a brilliant job. It feels like I'm going to be trying for a long time since my miscarriage :(. 
Can anyone help me in any way possible please. I don't want negative comments please!