Am i bad for thinking this way?

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and I am a completely different religion then my husband. Although it doesn't seem like we are very different it's weird. I am Lutheran and he switching over but his family is stuck in the hard-core old classic days of Catholic. However they keep shoving the religion down my throat telling me ridiculous things. I for one am not for godparents. Growing up I had godparents and they never did their job they were lousy and didn't do any of things god parents were supposed to do. My husband has a brother and a sister and I have a sister. His mom keeps telling me that his sister and brother should be the godparents. However I don't trust his sister with a baby until I see her with a baby so how I'm I supposed to choose right when she is born? Also I would never trust my sister with my baby alone or in the car she has driven while drunk multiple times and has multiple issues. My husband's brother absolutely doesn't like babies I know it may change when ours is born but I just don't see the point and why I would have to choose siblings for godparents if I decided to go that route. I wanted to pick my parents if I had to pick anybody because they are religious and they go to church his family is religious but nobody goes to church anything. And they don't show up for church events like baptisms. My husband really likes my church. He grew up Catholic but is choosing to go Lutheran.  We have decided that is where our daughter will go. And I am being told I am being selfish because I am not taking their religion into consideration. His mother-in-law also told me the godparents take care of the baby is something were to happen to my husband and I. But I don't think that is true? I was going to have that in my will if something were to happen to my husband and I have my parents would take full custody. She told me it doesn't work that way and that she could sue my parents for custody. She only knows that I wanted my parents for custody if something were to happen because she went through my notebook on the counter in my house. I have a notebook and I have it titled faith Rose our daughters name and she decided to take it home and read everything in it without telling me. 
 So this is my question am I being rude or bad by not listening to my mother-in-law and choosing his siblings for godparents?? 

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