I hope I hope!!

BethRose • Married April 2015, Miscarriage January 2016, beautiful rainbow baby MacKenzie Rose born 1/30/17 🌈🌹💕
 I'm really hoping this is my month! My husband and I just started a new diet this week, so maybe eating healthier and dropping a few pounds might do the trick. We've been ttc since a mc in January. Up to this point he hasn't shown much interest in if I do get pregnant, meaning not asking when my fertile week is, not asking if this is the "right" time to bd. But he's told me he does want a baby. This week I've noticed a change and I love it, I love him even more for it! He's been a bit more cuddly (he's not much of a cuddler so this is awesome for me!). He has also been asking when is the time with the greatest chance of getting pregnant. Last night when I hinted I wanted to have sex he says "but it isn't the right time, not til next week!"  So I simply told him that looks like we'll just be practicing then!! I know it doesn't sound like much, but I feel like this is huge for him to express an interest in making sure we get the timing right! He doesn't express his emotions very much, so to me this is his way of telling me that he really hopes we get our bfp rainbow soon! He has a 9 1/2 year old son, and is ready for another, but it's like recently he realized he's REALLY ready! 
So I hope that we get our bfp this cycle, and I hope all of you wishing for the same get yours too! Thanks for reading, baby dust to you! 💖🙏🏼🌈