So confused....

Have been TTC for 7 months. Feeling a bit disheartened now with friends falling pregnant all around me. 
For the last 6 months I've had a 34 day cycle and ovulating around day 20-21. 
This month No sign of AF at all. Carried on taking daily opk unto day 28 and then thought I must have missed ovulation. By chance I randomly took a opk on day 32 and it was positive. (Next day negative)
BD for 3 days using pre seed. 
Now 4Dpo having creamy CM, intermittent, nausea, passing urine frequently today. 
Felt that although I hadn't got a positive I had an idea of where I was in my cycle now feel confused. I want it so so badly and really getting me down. 
To add to this I can see that my husband is starting to be upset that we haven't conceived even though he won't admit it to me. Been to GP and referred for U/S and bloods.