What made you cry this week?

So, typically I'm not an overly emotional person and even in this pregnancy (up until now) I haven't been too hormonal. I'm 26 weeks today and this week has been crazy. I have cried and been upset about everything. 
We had painters in the house and they tracked mud from the door through the house and all the way upstairs. They started painting and the paint was awful and they had to start over. 
My husband took my son to get his hair cut and when he turned around the lady had practically scalped him. His head is SHAVED! I hate it so much.  I know it will grow back fast, he is a boy, but it's awful. 
We got a new dog (yeah, stupid) and she has us losing sleep. 
While these things would probably frustrate me, this week they have me ugly crying every time. 
What the hell with the hormones!? 
Anyone else have ridiculous hormonal days? I might lose my mind this week! Haha.