Advice after a leep procedure and trying to conceive

Hello fellow Glow/<a href="">Eve</a> members. I'm going to cut straight to the chase. In 3/2015, I had a leep procedure done. I haven't became sexual active until 2/2016. For the past two months we have been trying to conceive. Lastly, I've been depressed and losing hope. I'm at a point where I'm seriously needed joy and happiness brought back into my life. I am a newly wed as of 2/2016 but I also lost my mother two weeks after being married. My husband has no children and becoming pregnant in the past never been an issue- I've had two miscarriage. So February is a month I'm going to dread. My question is- Are there any women who conceive after a leep procedure? What do you recommend/advice? Has anyone tried Fertilaid? Please keep all negative comments to yourself! Thank you!