So many medical issues post c-section

Oh lord where to even start.... I was induced in 3/28 and after 18 hours of being off and on the inducement meds I finally went in for a csection. My son was born on 3/29 at 1:31am. This was my first pregnancy... After 4 days in the hospital I was finally released to go home to finish the healing process after about 5 days at home i took a shower one night and ab an hour later my incision started leaking pink fluid. I went in for a follow up apt with my dr to make sure I was healing properly only to find out that I had a build up of fluid under the skin and a ton of infected tissue so I had to go in for emergency surgery... 3 days later I was released to heal at home with a wound vac that would attached to the open incision and suck out the fluid... After a week and half of the wound vac and having home care nurses to come to my 3 days a week to change the dressing I go into my dr office only to find out I now have a yeast skin infection on the skin above the incision And under where the tape from the wound vac was. Apparently the home nurses never caught or "saw" the ton of white polyps on my skin. 
Has anyone else had issues like this after pregnancy. I have been so upset and sad I cry all the time bc I feel like I'm never going to heal from this damn csection. It's not been almost 4 weeks and I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel but if anyone else has gone thru issues like this I would love to hear your story and how you coped with all this plus being a new mom.