My husband is leaving me


I am 11 weeks pregnant with our second child. The child my husband begged me for. We got into an argument and now he is deciding to leave me.

I am so scared. I have a one year old and my next is on his/her way. How do I deal with this hurt? I feel so betrayed. After all these years and he's going to leave me over a little argument?

He said he was tired of me blaming everything on my emotions. First of all, I am pregnant. Second of all, I have anxiety/depression, and have my whole life. Tell me how I can't blame my raging hormones on getting a little sassy now and again.

My real question is: I have not been able to eat or sleep for the past two days. How do I force myself to eat without puking it all up? I need some help and kind words from mommies who have been through similar situations.