Will the hospital allow me to control the fathers visiting hours?

When I found out I was pregnant I was still with the father but I also found out he was a fraud. This was no one night stand, I was in a relationship with him for 8 months: before I got pregnant but I found out who he truly was after telling him I was pregnant. I really loved him but he was just too much to deal with at the time especially when he told me to abort our baby. So we broke up and I been doing fine by myself. I am now 33 weeks and we recently started talking when my third trimester began. My only interest is co-parenting while his is being a family, something I don't want. Obviously he can't be trusted but it's like the more I say no the more he chases me. He's never been to an appointment and he admitted that he has no plans to buy the baby anything. He shows up at my house late at night knocking on my window begging me to come to his house. He even showed up to my school asking the same thing. This is the consequence of my actions I understand that but I am trying to make the best out of this for the sake of my unborn son. This is harassment, his father has no interest on being a father but I never want him to say I didn't allow him to see his child so I was wondering if the hospital would allow me to manage his visiting hours. He basically feels like he is entitled to me bc of this baby. I have no problem with him being a dad I juss don't want him pursuing me. For instance I know after birth it's a three day stay at the hospital I just don't want him there say past 7 and I don't want him in my room. He can see the baby in nursery, is that possible?