Irregular labor

Did anyone else suffer from a super long labor or "prodromal" labor?
Baby Rohan finally made it into the world after 78 hours of labor! The first three days—Thursday-Saturday—were a stream of endless, painful contractions ranging from 3-4 minutes apart to 15-30 minutes apart depending on the day, but since the contractions were not consistent, the hospital said it was "prodromal" or "false" labor, and it was generally unproductive. But there was nothing false about how it felt, and it was really demoralizing to be dealing with endless contractions with no end in sight!
We finally got admitted to the hospital on Sunday, April 17, one day after his due date, and ultimately ended up inducing with pitocin to move things along. The baby was born about 6 hours later and is beautiful. I wouldn't say you forget all the pain—it was a pretty traumatic experience—but it is definitely worth it in the end.