9 weeks and 5 days old does baby have allergies

I was curious of babies have allergies if they show any signs of it my daughter is nine weeks old and I'm kind of curious we just got a brand-new little kitten and she's not showing any signs but her daddy is allergic to cats but he doesn't seem to be bothered by this kitten but I know when they can gets older he's going to be bothered by it but he takes us are in town now I'm curious if my nine week-year-old is having allergies as well she hasn't shown any sneezy and symptoms or anything like that but because he has it it makes me worried that my children can have it my seven-year-old seems very well with cats dogs and other allergy allergies she doesn't seem bothered by them 💕🐾🐱 
💋 how do you know your babies allergic💋
💦 is there signs of allergic reaction to a baby💧

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