My plus size abdominal ultrasound


First off let me start by saying that I have had 3 miscarriages; 2 immediately following a "healthy" reveal of a transvaginal ultrasound. I later found out I have low progesterone so vaginal ultrasound is not good for me but being plus size that is the route they always go.

I am 325 pounds but I will be honest and say they weight is not too horrible on me because I am almost 6 feet.

So this pregnancy I waited until I was in my 10 weeks to go get my first ultrasound hoping to get an abdominal one done. I've been told that it's difficult to see an abdominal ultrasound with extra fluff so I was nervous and thought it wouldn't work.

The ultrasound machine was not the newest technology but it definitely was more up to date than a lot I've seen.

I laud on my back and pushed my pouch out of the way a bit and the doctor quickly found my uterus. I was nervous because it took her about 60 seconds to find the baby. She found the placenta immediately but apparently the baby was hiding. The baby was still and she spent another 60 seconds to find the heart beat. I was scared. BUT she found it at 155/bpm and it sounded beautiful. Once the baby realized we found him/her my little monkey went crazy.

The baby was waving, swimming, dancing, and kicking up a storm. I was so thrilled. Granted the picture on the screen was not as clear as it could be since I do have extra fluff and the doctor was NOT pushing down hard at all (thank God) but from what we could see was 4 limbs, and a heart beat and some times the baby came right up to the probe and put his/her face in view 😄

I am not sure if this being my 4th pregnancy, it allowed mu uterus to be seen a little better in my fluff but I was pleased to know that it was possible. I will go back in 2 or 3 more weeks when my uterus "pops" out to get a better look.

I am sharing this because if there is anyone like me out there than they might be wondering when they get an abdominal ultrasound while being plus size.

I started a new pregnancy diet today to stay healthy and not gain. Being obese, I only need to gain 11 pounds. So wish me luck. I just pray this little baby is the one that chooses to stay with me! 😍💕