Mother's Day Dilemma

Dawn • After 2 MMCs and 2 CPs in 2016, our 🌈👶🏼 is due 10.17.17.
My sweet hubby just asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. We had a missed miscarriage and D&C on 3.21.16. I told him I wanted a baby as that's the first thing that popped into my head. Anyone have advice on how to make Mother's Day not feel miserable? I do have to make an appearance at his family's Mother's Day brunch, but I'd like to think of something special to do with just me and my husband to honor myself as a mother. I was so excited to have a cute 17 week baby bump for my first Mother's Day, but instead, my sweet baby girl is up in heaven and her Momma is missing her each and every day. Happy early Mother's Day to all the moms on here who have lost their special angels too. 💕