17...but i think he is the one in the end

Im 17 & hes 19, and we are family friends-our dads were apparently in school together back in Poland. We both have sooo much on common its ridiculous like both our dads have the same name! I met him back while i was in 8th grade and honestly it was like love at first sight on both sides but he hasnt made an official move on me until last year my sophomore year. ALOT has happened since...we were talking for a while before we started dating last June. Problem is that he lives 40 mins away from me and he has a car and at the time i wasnt even licensed and no car. He has to pay everything for himself so we barly saw each other while we dated...only one date actually..at the mall and movies but i developed a lung infection and i wasnt my bubbly self and was really quiet and off during our only date ever and i could tell he wasnt enjoying by how fast he got up and started to leave after the movie. Anyways we broke up a month after once he started college and he wasnt texting me since that date and he told me we could never work out. He moved in with another girl 2 weeks after our brake up. Then this febuary a week before valentines day, he contacted me for the first time since and wanted me back (his ex and him broke up and he moved back home) we started talking for a week until he stood me up on valentines day as his ex showes up to his house demanding to get back together even tho he didnt want to be w her anymore. We facetimed for a few hours and postponed the for the next day and he stood me up again and never responded to my messages until a month later saying that he didnt mean any harm & wants to be w me alot and likes me but he cant be my bf bc of our age difference and how far we live apart. We talked for a weeks then on april 2nd at a family party at his house i lost my virginity to him. And we had two more convos after that and then he just Cut me off saying he is going through some bad stuff rn and cant be my bf for the same reasons and how protective my dad is and he needs to figure himself out and needs to be alone rn. He later deletes me off snapchat and fb. Havent spoke to him since and just yesterday i saw he posted a collage of his ex that he lived with on insta with a caption saying that even tho she isnt in his life anymore he truly misses her and no matter how many girl line up no matter what she says about him & no matter if he likes someone else she still pops up into his thoughts. ANYWAYS.. So ive never felt so strongly about a guy before and ik our relationship wasnt picture perfect and that he still has feelings for his ex and thinks he loves her but that fact that he kept coming back to me shows that i was somewhere in the back of his mind & his "love" for his ex isnt 100%. We always bounce back to each other and we never broke up for personality reasons or not getting along just doubt that we could work at the moment. I feel that i will eventually end up with him for real, like hes the right person but just the wrong time and him being a family friend ill still be a apart of his life. Im not trying to be stupid and naive..ik im young & there are soo many guys out there but i feel so at home when im with him and it feels so right and i just knew thati was going to date him & he was going to be my first YEARS before any real talking w him ever happened and i like just know ill end up with him even if the situation rn is kinda & pretty messy. Like its this gut feeling that never faded. I just want to ask if anyone has had that same hunch ever about a guy and how did that end up? Also being young & all is there a chance from a strangers pov that our relationship could eventually all unfold and work out in the end? Im a huge believer of "if they come back its meant to be" & he came back twice so far & i know he will come back again. Sorry for the HUGE ass vent but ive also tried to move on..talked to pretty good amount of guys and some flings while we were apart but whenever i thought i was over him the feelings just came back up again & if theres no chance of us being together i really want to let go. So whats your guys stories & what do you think?