Pregnancy test with or without bf

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 5 years and although we are not planning a baby right now, if it happens we will both be excited after the initial shock. I am on birth control however I'm horrible when it comes to remembering to take it every day. I'll sometimes forget for over a week then I'm playing catch up. I have been getting nauseous after eating and going to the bathroom more times than usual. My last real period was feb 27, however I spotted for less than 24 hours very lightly April 2nd. Everytime in the past that I took a pregnancy test I made sure he was with me and we looked at it at the same time and it was always negative. I really would like him with me this time also however I start to feel like "the boy that cried wolf" and I feel dumb each time like I over react too much. I fee like this time it will be negative again and I over thought everything. But if it comes out positive I will be so upset I didn't wait for my bf to get home from work. What should I do? Wait for him or just take one and get it over with?