Asking You To Be His GF

I met this guy on OkCupid. We've been texting and we've gone out on like 4-5 dates. We talk on the phone several times a week, text each other good morning and good night. Send each other kiss emojis, hold hands in public. We have great chemistry.  
My question is when is he supposed to ask me to be his gf? He does know he's supposed to ask me, right? I've never dated someone online, and idk if they just assume that bc you're on a dating site, it means you're dating and they don't have to ask. we both still have our profiles on and I'm not planning to remove it until he asks me to be his gf. I don't like rushing into things but I guess I am getting antsy. If he doesn't ask me in a month and a half, I'm thinking of bringing the topic up, like where do we stand sort of thing. But i really hope I don't have to!!