Help!!!!!! Please

Basically i am 13 weeks now, when i was 6 wks, i booked an appointment with doctor, she said to wait for a letter with a date  of a scan...its been 7 weeks now and i didnt heard back nothing from them. A while ago a called my GP they told me I need to call hospital to book a scan
 ..I called hospital, they told me to call midwife, i called midwife she told me i need to get a refferal numer I just had to cut the call coz its too much for me.. All i do at the moment is crying .i completely dont know what to do Why that stupid doctor told me all that bullshit? I am 13,2weeks pregnant and by the time i will get it done i be 15 weeks!!:( i cant have my 1st at 15 weeks:( I went to  a new GP she said she cant register me coz i dont have nhs number and i dont exist in the system...they taking a piss. I aint got no words. Can please someone help me give me an adivice?