2 weeks late BFN

I finally got a BFP January 29, 2016 after trying for a couple of years. I was spotting the entire pregnancy and my doctor told me to go on bed rest because they didn't see a baby but my levels were still high. A couple days later I started having sharp pain lower left side and I was sent to the ER to see if it could be an ectopic but they didn't see anything. A couple weeks after that I started clotting and I was rushed to the ER and they did a vaginal ultrasound which showed my left tube was ruptured and I had a lot of bleeding in my stomach. That was March 1st, they took my tube since it was ruptured and I was around 8 weeks. The next month I started on my usual date April 1st, but it only lasted a day. I have not had AF or even a sign of her! I've tested once last week and it was a BFN! My doctor told me to come in when I'm 2 weeks late so I'm now just waiting on an appointment. Could I still be pregnant and my HCG isn't high enough due to the ectopic I had? Thanks!