For those struggling with infertility a thought for you on (late) mothers day


Happy Mother’s Day”

It comes around every year;

but when you have empty arms,

it’s very hard to hear.

It’s a day to celebrate a mother,

for all the trials she overcame;

and a reminder to an infertile

of her loneliness and shame.

But what really makes a mother,

Is it just conception and birth?

Or is there something more,

that shows a mother’s worth?

It’s putting your child first,

in everything you do;

it’s sacrifice and determination,

and love and patience too.

An infertile woman makes all her plans,

around a child not yet conceived;

she loves them even though they aren’t here,

more than she ever could have believed.

She appreciates and understands,

what a blessing that children are;

she works hard for just a chance,

that motherhood is not that far.

All odds are stacked against her,

and yet she still has hope;

everyday is another struggle,

finding ways to help her cope.

So even though her arms are empty,

she can still be a mother too;

So say a special “Happy Mother’s Day”

for those waiting for their dreams to come true!

*** found this online not sure who wrote it though