2 days!?!?

Javon • Happily married ttc #2
So yesterday and this morning  I decided to take first response ovulation and both had two lines which I would assume is high according to the paper. My cycles are 30/31 regular. I was using clear blue digital OPK starting the 5th and out of all the tests I only got one day low reading and that was the 5th. Which happens to be my start of fertile week according to glow. I have never got really dark lines on any test I have took. Even took some mid day to make sure. WHILE now glow says my fertile window is pushed out two days? I'm completely confused even more. Clear blue said test on the 11th for ovulation first response said the 14th but impatiently tested early which is why I know for sure I'm ovulating now. But is it strange I have not got a peak reading with any of the test? And I'm approaching 7 days as of tomorrow? My period ended on the 4th and I started ovulating 5/6th I thought it was 14 days after your period?! Lol I can recall my CM to be really noticeable in past months but this month I have to actually stick my finger in there to Check. It hasnt been egg white looking. It's hasn't been a lot either. Clear blue picture (bottom) is not in order those tests are from the 5th to yesterday including the one with low reading the rest read high. The first response (top) are in order top stick was yesterday and bottom was today. I need help 😫😫😫🙏🏼🙏🏼 is somethig wrong with me? Am I not ovulating fully? Can you ovulate longer then 7 days?