We decided abortion but my boyfriend is acting??

I was on birth control so last night I was amazed that I had a positive test an a missed period.. My boyfriend in college an plays basketball I'm in college an cheerleader, we've been together since high school. We always talked about having kids but we have so much going right now we can't really take on one. Not that we weren't being safe just its a lot we always decided abortion if something like this were to happen. But now he's texting me like "babe are you okay I'm so worried about you" "im so thank full you have my baby inside of you" "I can't wait to see you to kiss on your tummy" LIKE WHAT?! Last night he said we need to go to the doctors (meaning abortion clinic) to get this started, and he's the major one that had all this abortion stuff in mind why is he being so cute about it? Any guesses? Please no mean comments I really didn't do this on purpose 😥