this pain in my pelvis is almost unbearable 😭

over the past week my daughter has been dropping I think because I'm starting to get a lot of pressure down in my pelvis. right on my pubic bone to be specific. at first it just felt like it was bruised but after going to work for 2 days. ( I was planning on working until the 20th of this a week and a day before my due date but after last night I called it quits and decided to start my FMLA now) I just went home flopped into bed and cried. I can barely walk. barely roll out of bed. barely put any type of clothing on my lower half that requires bending. and right in that area I feel like a grinding feeling in the bone right there. is this normal? and something I'll have to deal with until she arrives? I'm 37 and a half weeks so hopefully it won't be too much longer. 😭😭😭😭