Unplanned pregnancy in new relationship


I'm struggling! I've been with my man for only about four or five months. We were in the midst of a lot of relationship discussions regarding his desire to commit and my hesitancy right before we found out we were pregnant. About a week or so before finding out, though, I just finally started feeling myself get comfortable loving him fully, and being his girlfriend. It was lovely really.

Long story short, before getting pregnant, he already had a lot on his plate. He has a 9 year old kid from a previous relationship. And there was just a lot already going on in his life. This has just added a million times more burden for him. I've known before this happened that I'm not comfortable with getting an abortion if I ever got pregnant unexpectedly. As it came up with us, I knew it would stay that way. I love him and am excited to have this baby. It feels good, it feels blessed. He feels he's losing me, losing a lot. He raised his kid with his ex and they struggled a lot as a young couple even though they were deeply in love to begin with and had a long history with each other. We love each other but don't have a solid foundation as a couple. And he wanted to do a lot of things before having a family with me.

I'm doing a lot to prepare I'm looking forward to being a mom, while he's really in a difficult place emotionally. And ultimately I'd love and will probably really need his support, and know he has it in him to be great in that way, but he's not able to at all right now. And it's hard but I'm supportive.

Anyway I know this is long, I apologize! I just need to share this and hear from whoever feels they can relate or offer wisdom. Only my mom knows, and I go to therapy once a week which has been great. But I thought I'd share here. Thank you for reading this far :)