Leaking waters or increased discharge?

Yasmin • I'm 21yrs old grown up with bad ibs which made me in constant pain growin up ended up with fibromyalgia 2 yrs ago and now I'm going to be a mum :)

Could someone please help me because i getting confused and don't know if i should phone midwife or not.

Basically my discharge been the normal colour and i have noticed it has increased but i noticed my nickers been damp for past 2 days not soaking wet though and ino it's not discharge because it's usally a whitish colour. When i pee and i whipe i notice i have to whipe more down below because it's just so moist or wet down there :/ it doesn't Smell like pee but i don't know if i could be leaking waters? How do i know if i am or not? Baby moving fine i just very confused because this is my first pregnancy :(