Need support:(

Arianna • With the love of my life and mother to our handsome little boy ❤️
My fiancée and I had a small argument last night because I overreacted. He ignored me all night and all day today. Now he's telling me that he's not happy and hasn't been in a long time and doesn't know how much longer he will be with me. We have a three month old and he said he's the only thing that keeps him going because he needs a mom and a dad. We live together and told me its best if I stay at my grandmas house until we see a therapist. I'm just so heartbroken and devastated I can't live without him.. It kills me because I feel like he doesn't even love me anymore.. Idk what to do.. I just want us to be a happy family together.. I'm so hurt, I just need some support.. I have no one :(