My husband said that today I was being controlling all because earlier today I went to go visit our baby that's in the NICU @ the hospital, I left out around 3:30. He left out at 12 noon to go over his friends, which I have no problem with. He had came home around 9pm because I needed to get in the house, I left my keys at home & was back at 9:30 to eat dinner with him that I brought for us, he finds out that he's off tmmrw from his boss & goes "oh, I'm going back over to Roberts." Mind you, I was in the middle of telling him about my day at the hospital, so yeah, I got a little annoyed because I thought we'd finish up dinner & go cuddle together being that I'm one week pp from having a c section & still in the process of healing ... So he said I'm controlling bc I didn't want him going back out all bc I wanted to be with him like wtf if you were out all day long over your friends what's the issue & the need to go back out? Anywho he's cursing me out rn saying that I'm dumb & stupid & have issues like I guess ... I'm at the point to where if we grow apart so be it! My bad for not wanting to go to bed alone & be in the house lonely asf since our baby isn't home yet! Am I wrong??