Won't stop!!

My boyfriend of 2.5 years will not stop doing coke. I knew all about it and whatever once in a while I just blew it off, his marriage ended because of this and he would leave her for days and go on these benders. I'm 22 and he's 41, we work very well together when his friends aren't around were perfect. He's so sweet to me tells me I'm beautiful is very respectful and I was never shown that in my life, I didn't respect myself and slept around one of which was his brother in high school. He knew about all of this in the beginning of our relationship. I'm 11.2 weeks pregnant and we tried for this baby for 6-8 months. He will get so drunk and or high that he will flip out, call me names talk such nasty shit about his brother and how I deserve to be treated just like my ex (not his brother) treated me which was basically just a lot of cheating and lying. Since we found out we were pregnant, this drug situation has become sneaking behind my back. He always told me everyone has a pattern and when they go outside of it that's a problem. Well he did just that yesterday. Monday and Tuesday I thought that possibly after I went to sleep which we never do separately, EVER until lately that he was doing drugs while I slept. Whatever, I confront him he says no, laughs says yeah I left here and went and got it while you slept your crazy blah blah. No I'm not I'm fuckig right because yesterday morning he left for work at 10, stopped answering my calls at 1030 and didn't contact me until 730 last night. First time for everything I guess, I never thought Inge would treat me like he did his ex he always said he was so happy to be in a relationship he didn't have to lie through. Then I flipped out and he's been trashing me running me in the ground saying I should just go fuck 1000 other it's he used to be so happy to have this child. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! I want so badly to leave and show him I now know and deserve the respect he showed me in the beginning and when he's not high. I called hospitals and stores from our house to where he works an hour away, I called cops and his family and friends. I had a panic attack and couldn't stop crying and he gets home to treat me even worse. I just never thought he'd turn on me like this