Roommate From HELL. Please HELP

Okay guys me and my fiancé are with a roommate at the moment while our place is being finished She is 30 years old and expects me to take care of her and her dog. Because I do stay home I'm 28 weeks pregnant and have had issues so I stay home now. She invites people over and leaves messes dirty dishes empty containers everywhere and let's her dog poop in the house. Today is the 3rd morning I've woken up to dishes left on our living room table (it's my fiancés grandmas table who has passed away and he said not to leave dishes on it because he wants to keep it nice and not have rings all over it) and there was dog poop and pee everywhere. I hate getting mad at her dog because I know she doesn't get taken out like she should be before we moved in she would lock her dog in a kennel and just let her poop in the kennel until it's full. I'm so sick of this I think it's BS my fiancé finally told me to stop cleaning it up but if I don't no one else is going to. What should I do?! Sorry about the long post so over this whole thing