Bedrest third trimester! 😭😭

May be a little long and all over the place lol. 
So, I'm on bedrest. 32 weeks today. The doctor said I have to STAY IN BED. No laundry, no dishes, no standing, no walking up and down the stairs. BED. 
Well, my baby shower is next Saturday. The house is a bit untidy. I had a friend come over today and clean my whole kitchen! What a blessing. That helped a lot. But I feel awful about having to have my husband basically do everything else. He's ok with it. He told me he is. But over the next week or so I know he's going to get frustrated dealing with keeping the house up for the baby shower and doing the grocery shopping (which he hates) I was told Tuesday when they sent me home that I could get my own food (which is down the stairs in the kitchen) but just that little bit of walking put me back in the hospital on Wednesday. Now they said I can't do anything.  I literally have to ask my husband to go get my food, water, help me up, help me down, do this, do that, and I hate it!!! He is a super heavy sleeper but I was struggling to get out of bed last night and he helped me out of bed while still asleep lol. I don't want him to be that attentive to me that even he's caring for me in his sleep! I can't do anything for him :( 
What can I do to plan my baby shower and what can I do for my husband while I'm stuck in bed? How do I keep from going crazy? 
Thanks all!