Anyone else getting the Owlet monitor?

Megan • Mother of five. I am a respiratory therapist, a sometimes piano teacher and I'm a Mormon. Yay
I work in a NICU, so I'm super anxious of all things that can go wrong.  I've cried from babies brought into the ER by frantic parents whose baby died from SIDS.  So sad.  
This is my 5th baby and I'm so excited someone finally invented this for parents to use with out needing a prescription from a doctor. 
I'm not rich but totally willing to shell out the money for this monitor instead of getting an expensive stroller or other fancy things.  
The monitor can't claim to prevent SIDS. But heck any monitor that tells you if the babies heart rate and oxygen levels are dropping will surely help prevent deaths.  I also like that it will alarm on my phone and that I can remotely see what going on if the baby is with a sitter.