Before becoming pregnant I pictured, itchy stretched out skin, sore back, heavy belly, etc. I am 31 weeks and 2 days. I didn't even know I was pregnant until around 7-8 weeks because I never experienced naeusea, throwing up, adverse food issues, headaches etc. I have of course gained 22 pounds with my prior weight 175 at 5 foot 6. I have had no heart burn, no back aches, no Braxton hicks, no baby hiccups, no swelling feet, no headaches, no increased hunger, everything is just like I'm not pregnant besides a wiggling baby and weight gain. Is this normal? Is there something wrong with me? I work in a body shop so I constantly am on my feet and walking, lifting, pushing, squating, stooping. An I don't have the pregnancy waddle I walk like I did before I was pregnant, an I speed walk and out walk everyone.  I just did a 5 mile walk for my company last Saturday and walked faster than anyone, with no issues, not out of breath, and my belly out to where I can't see my toes, and a tight belly. I just feel like, I feel to "non pregnant" than I am suppose to feel. Anyone have any answers? Suggestions? Below are a picture of my last ultra sound and a up to date picture of myself.