In love with another...EDIT

Please don't judge me. I'm not asking for that. Just hear me out.

I got married young to a man I thought I knew. We got married, moved into an apartment, and had a child. A year later I discovered that he had a porn addiction and was unfaithful the first year of our marriage. He then undertook counseling and is doing great.


I am in love with someone else. During finding out everything he did, I met someone. He is in the Army and quite frankly, everything I want in a man.

My husband and I are on different levels in life. First and foremost, my IQ is 131, his is 70. So our communication lacks x10000. I want to be an attorney and am in college. He works a minimum wage job with no intent to go higher. I supported him the beggining of our relationship because he was too lazy to get a job. I love my husband as a person and would hate to see him with someone else but I don't feel like we are meant to be.

I do feel like this other man and I are a perfect match and I am in love with him. He is in love with me.

I don't want to divorce my husband because I dont want my son to have a step mom. It would also still kill me to see him with someone else. But part of me wonders..if I let this other man walk away...will I have been missing out on the love of my life?

Any advice?


I never cheated on my husband. Me and this other man have never crossed boundaries. He knows I am married and my husband knows we talk as friends. Have I caught feelings for him? Yes, but I can't help that. And I know he loves me because we talked before I was with my now husband, not because he crossed those boundaries when we were married. Also, I married my husband feeling this way because I didn't know how my husband truly was.