Call it was it is or give it a pet name?

Will/do you teach your children to call their private parts what it is (vagina/penis ect.) or do/will you use pet names? (Pee pee, wee wee ect.) 
 I prefer pet names until a certain age, preferably 5+
Here is my reason why..
I am a 3 year old teacher, have been for the past 15 years. I've seen every different type of parenting style you can think of! Here in the recent years, it's became more commen for parents to call it what it is. Not dissing anyone's parenting if that's what you choose,  but let me shine a light unto the a small problem with that. I have had over 300+ children come through my classroom, I've felt with call it as it is parents and pet name parents.. 90% of the kids who call as it is are so much more curious about the anatomy.. Meaning they want to touch, feel, see others privates.. Not joking! Most every kid I've had come through my class room who know what their body parts are called and how they work are so much more curious about others.. And let me tell you, it becomes a problem! Parents who use pet names, their kids don't care really.. Never had a problem out them. Again, not dissing the call it as it parents.. I do believe at a certain age they do need to know what they are really called, I'd say 5 is a good age. But 4 and down, is just too young to know what they are and what they do.. 2-4 is the sponge ages.. They are so curious and it really does become a problem when they are touching and feeling on other kids.. Just a little bit of a inside thought  to think about if you haven't decided what your going to do yet

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