Small baby shower


I don't know how to feel, I know pregnancy hormones are not helping.

So I planned my own baby shower, I wanted something cute and at home. All my friends and family are in other state or country and couldn't make it, so I made it coed since I know how excited my hubby gets to hang out with his family and friends. I got confirmation of 16 people coming so I planned the baby shower, I'm a week to the shower and already his best friends cancel, a couple more friends "have a family emergency" so the people coming are my in laws, my SIL and her husband, my hubby's aunt, cousin, his wife and my hubby's friend. I'm down to 8 people and as much as I loved hanging out with them, I feel like I put all this effort and money planning the shower, for people not showing:'( sorry I'm whining and complaining, I just don't have anyone to talk about it with.