The 2 year slump

Katie • Hey! I am Katie. I'm a domestic abuse survivor who has been blessed with an amazing man. I have two wonderful daughters from my previos marriage. And now we are trying for our first baby.
I've been with my fiance for almost 2 years. It started out by just going on casual dates. I was going thru a divorce. He is a few years younger than me with no children. For the past month or two we have not been clicking what so ever. I moved an hour away from my home town due to his work, I still travel an hour to work 4 days a week. He has been a big help keeping my daughters when I'm gone. He works 24 hours and is off 48 hours. I work 4 twelves. Lately I have felt so lonely. I have lost all contact with friends, while he has so many. He has never been a dad so he has come a long way with being nicer to them. He is a fireman and a cop. He can't let the little stuff go and is always getting on to them. My daughters and I are victims of domestic abuse so any yelling or whatever he does upsets them.I've tried explaining he can't talk to them as if they are grown felons or grown men in general. He also sleeps all day on his off days. We are from a small country town so It isn't like he goes on calls back to back. There are weeks where not a single call comes in. My job is extremely stressful and nonstop for 12 hours straight. I work at an urgent care facility. Yesterday I got off a little early came home and helped him mow our acre of land. He bitched and complained and just belittled me. I wasn't doing anything wrong it just wasn't his way. So I finished and went inside fed the girls and got them to bed. Today at awards day he complained the whole time as well how long it was taking. Didnt even clap or smile when my oldest got her award for straight A's. I'm not accepted by his mother or other family members. No one reaches out to check on me anymore.I financially can not afford to move again. I've moved three times in 2 years. I don't know where home is anymore. My dad remarried and they have a 12 year old at his house. My mom lives 5 hours away and they travel with horses. I feel so alone and no idea what to do. He got me nothing for my birthday or mothers day. His birthday is tomorrow and I spent alot on him some clothes. I'm tempted just to return them and take the money and go be with my girls alone for a few days in a hotel. I've made arrangements for them to be out of the house and with a babysitter while I work tomorrow. I've never been bitter or mean or so numb in my life.